Summer 2016 - our design for a bag to  represent 'Farming Past and Present' won first prize at the Glendale Countryside Day.

Our Banner for the Berwick Food and Beer Festival won second prize.

We were delighted to be awarded the SCHOOL GAMES GOLD MARK for our 2015-16  and again for our 2017-18 programmes of Sport and P.E. activities. More details of this can be found on our Sports page.


     Beau, Marcus and Charlie with the RHS Sunflower award. In 2015 we came 3rd. in the Potato Growing competition.

Berwick Literary Festival story winners 2014.

 In 2015 Lauren, Ashton, Aston and Sian were

also shortlisted for their Short Stories.

Oliver and Olly with their winners medals from the rugby tournament at Melrose.

 We are a Fairtrade School and we find out all about how Fairtrade helps farmers and other producers in poorer countries get a fair price for their goods.  We hold the Fairaware Award.  We have held a Fairtrade Café with international entertainment and information on Fairtrade for all our visitors from the village.  We have found the Fairtrade logo on lots of things we buy and we encourage our parents to buy Fairtrade products.

In 2015 Esmay won 2nd prize in the Berwick Fairtrade  Committee bookmark competition and Lucy Rogers was highly commended.  Lucy also won a prize at the Berwick Literary Festival for her illustration for the poem 'The Hag'. In 2016 Maddison won a prize for designing a Fairtrade Breakfast Menu.

Louisa won 1st.prize in the Spittal Improvement Trust Summer 2015 colouring competition. In 2016 Molly was the overall winner with Louisa, Abbie and Jodie also picking up prizes. 

 Rebekah and Abigail were highly commended by the UK Space Authority for their idea for an experiment to be carried out on the International Space Station.  Their experiment  looked at how plant growth may be affected by a zero gravity environment.


JUNE 2014 - Kacey won first prize in the annual Rotary Club Poetry competition. Frankie, Seth, Jake and Kacey prepared a poem each about either Scotland or Football.  They performed their poems to an audience of parents and children.  They then had 10 minutes to prepare and perform an unseen poem. All the children performed with clarity, expression and confidence.


Class Two wrote to Sir Alan Beith MP with a request for new play equipment for Scremerston village. They were delighted to receive a reply from The House of Commons. Sir Alan kindly arranged for Councillor Dougie Watkin to visit the children and discuss their plans. Councillor Watkin and Ancroft Parish Council agreed to finance a new play tower to be situated on the school field. This was installed in July 2012 and is being well used both within and outside school hours.

The Eco-Committee went to Durham to collect a cheque for £500 from ESH which they won for their designs to develop our garden.  The Eco-Committee also collect our Class compost bins and remind everyone to turn off lights and taps.”

Oliver and Ethan won prizes for their riddles in a competition organised by Berwick Library.

Here are their riddles:

Can you solve the riddles?

Olly’s Riddle

I am the colour of grass
I have brothers and sisters
Growing together side by side
Sweet and sharp
Squeezed into a bottle
Ready to go pop.

Ethan’s Riddle

I am like a boomerang
I am like a yellow finger
I am as yellow as the sun
I am as smooth as an ice-cream
I hate monkeys
I am like an unwrapped present.

In 2013 Seth won first prize in a competition to design a new monster for Dr. Who!


In 2014 Jack D. and Dominic in Year 3 won first prize in a competition to write a poem about Fair Trade and Issac and Reece (Year 1) were highly commended.  We are a Fair Trade School and find out all about how Fair Trade helps farmers and craft workers around the World.

Part of Our Community

The school enjoys close links with our local community, including organisations such as local churches, the Rotary Club and local charities. Within our grounds, and managed by the school, is Scremerston Community Building.

This provides a home for Lucky Ducks independent Pre-School for children aged 2½ - 4 years.There is also a Community Room which is used by our Parents and Toddlers group, by adult and family learning courses and for meetings of groups such as the Parish Council.

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