• We went to the Mini Cross Country Run at Longridge Towers. We had a great time running in the mud through the woods. The doughnuts and juice afterwards were yummy. We all got certificates."
We love Mr Hodgson, he is funny. He teaches us gymnastics and turns it into a game! Once we were robots. He sometimes gets the climbing frame out too. We miss Mr Hodgson when he has to leave but we look forward to him coming back."
Here we are in our new football kit. We play lots of football matches against local schools. We always do our best and shake hands at the end of the match.”
Here we are Maypole dancing. One day we went to do a performance at Crookham. We had practised for weeks and weeks! Everybody clapped and some people joined in and danced with us."
We have a Football Club after school. Special coaches come to teach us P.E. Mr Hodgson teaches Gymnastics, Dougie teaches Rugby and Mrs. Thompson teaches Football and Hockey. We all go swimming every Wednesday. At Scremerston we play against other teams like Tweedmouth, Ford and Holy Trinity, and I play as a defender and one of my friends plays as a striker. When we win we are happy, when we lose we are still happy and we cheer for the team who wins."
We love to sing and dance. We do dances from all over the world. We have done Scottish dancing and lots more. Our dance teacher is called Mrs Hubbard. Mrs Hubbard works in Reception. In this picture years 3 & 4 are dancing the Tarantella."

 PE at Scremerston First School promotes teamwork, imagination, personal health and fitness in a fun and encouraging environment.  Children of all abilities develop and achieve and Gifted and Talented pupils are given the chance to shine.

In 2016/17 we received £8,295 P.E. and School Sport Funding.  This has been used to raise staff confidence and expertise and ensure the delivery of high quality P.E. The school  joined the North Northumberland PE and School Sport Programme (£6,500) which provides high quality training for staff through training programmes (£500 supply costs), the opportunity for staff to work with specialist teachers and coaches and access to competitions and festivals. The North Northumberland programme also provided extra-curricular clubs in Gymnastics, Football, Cricket, Tennis and Athletics to increase participation in PE and Sport. We increased the number of swimming teachers (£400) for our weekly swimming lessons to provide better differentiation and challenge for different ability groups. We increased the range of outdoor and adventurous activities for Key Stage 2 children by including outdoor and adventurous activities in our Summer Term PE programme.    A skipping workshop and the purchase of new skipping ropes and hula hoop workshops provided more opportunities to develop skills and fitness levels and appealed to a wider range of children.  Remaining funds were used to provide coach travel to a wide range of sports events and outdoor activities such as residential visits. We have widened the range of sports opportunities available to ensure there is something for everyone and for all abilities. We were awarded the SCHOOL GAMES GOLD MARK for P.E. and Sport.



With our 2017/18 Primary Sports and PE Grant (£16,780) we will continue to raise staff confidence and expertise to ensure there is a sustained impact as a result of the Primary Sports and P.E. grant. This will include teaching of Gymnastics and Dance by experienced teachers of these disciplines (£700) and teaching of Games and Athletics by a specialist Teaching Assistant who is also a Level 2 Coach.(£7,300) We will continue to improve standards and extend opportunities for all our children. Our existing successful programme of Sports and P.E. will continue, including skipping and hula hooping tuition (£450) and Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (£500). Year 4 children will again have the opportunity to act as Sports Leaders. Swimming will continue to be a top priority, with all children enjoying a weekly swimming lesson (£2,500). We will also be attending festivals and tournaments organised by the Newcastle United Foundation (£1100). Funding will also allow us to improve and extend our P.E. resources and to subsidise the cost of coaches to transport children to events.children

Part of Our Community

The school enjoys close links with our local community, including organisations such as local churches, the Rotary Club and local charities. Within our grounds, and managed by the school, is Scremerston Community Building.

This provides a home for Lucky Ducks independent Pre-School for children aged 2½ - 4 years.There is also a Community Room which is used by our Parents and Toddlers group, by adult and family learning courses and for meetings of groups such as the Parish Council.

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