Class Organisation

We have three classes, each composed of boys and girls of mixed ability.

Elm Class consists of Reception and Year 1children (4 - 6 years).

Oak Class consists of children in Year One (5 - 6 years) and Year Two (6 - 7 years).

Ash Class contains children in Year Three (7 - 8 years) and Year Four (8 - 9 years).


Class sizes in the academic year 2017/2018 are:  Elm- 2o pupils, Oak- 28 pupils, Ash- 30 pupils.

Elm Class

Elm Class loves to play and make things. They like to do paintings, drawings, dressing up and playing in the sand pit. The class is so lovely because they have lovely teachers like Miss Holleywell, Mrs. Cockburn, Miss Prestley and Mrs. Holleywell and lovely children too."
Elm classroom has  a main bit with the tables and proper chairs, another small room with cushions to sit on and an interactive smart board and an indoor play area. From the back door you can go into a small courtyard play area with a shed with lots of toys in it. There is also a gate into a grassy fenced area with a music shack (right hand side) and usually, lots of toys!"

Oak Class

Miss Reilly is very cheerful and kind. She helps the children. In Oak Class we like to do writing and play on the computer. We have twoTeaching Assistants who help us called Mrs Huntly and Mrs. Stevenson.
We have a music teacher who comes to school to teach Guitar. It is £4 for lessons. I play guitar and it is good fun.

Pine Class


Ash Class

In Ash Class we have a lovely teacher called Mrs. Haggerstone.   Miss Ineson and Mrs. Rooney also help our class. We like using the IPads and netbooks to learn lots of new things.

In our 2017 Pupil Questionnaire more than 90% of children agreed that they enjoy school, other children are friendly, learning is interesting, fun and they work hard and find out new things, that behaviour is good and that they get help if they need it or are worried.


Part of Our Community

The school enjoys close links with our local community, including organisations such as local churches, the Rotary Club and local charities. Within our grounds, and managed by the school, is Scremerston Community Building.

This provides a home for Lucky Ducks independent Pre-School for children aged 2½ - 4 years.There is also a Community Room which is used by our Parents and Toddlers group, by adult and family learning courses and for meetings of groups such as the Parish Council.

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School Prospectus

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