Our Teachers

These are our teachers, Mrs. Hubbard (until January 2016), Miss Holleywell, Mrs. Haggerstone, Mrs. Harrison (Head Teacher) and Ms. McElroy. They have now been joined by Miss Reilly (not in the picture.)  

Our Teaching Assistants

These are our lovely Support Staff (L-R) Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Holleywell, Mrs Cockburn, Mrs Scott (Lunchtime Supervisor),  Mrs Bradbury (School Secretary, Mrs Huntly, Ms Ineson, and Mrs Rooney. Miss Priestley is not in the picture.

"They are there to help. They are lovely and kind. There is a lot of kindness at our school! Our teachers are very kind and generous too. I love our teachers and our teaching assistants. They are so kind and helpful."


Our staff questionnaire showed 100% of staff agreeing or strongly agreeing that they are proud to be a member of staff. They all agreed that children are safe at school,behaviour is good, bullying is dealt with effectively and the children's needs are met.  The also agreed that good leadership and management promotes good standards throughout the school.

Part of Our Community

The school enjoys close links with our local community, including organisations such as local churches, the Rotary Club and local charities. Within our grounds, and managed by the school, is Scremerston Community Building.

This provides a home for Lucky Ducks independent Pre-School for children aged 2½ - 4 years.There is also a Community Room which is used by our Parents and Toddlers group, by adult and family learning courses and for meetings of groups such as the Parish Council.

Find Us

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Scremerston First School
Berwick Upon Tweed
Northumberland, TD15 2RB

School Prospectus

Please download our full 2015 / 2016 school prospectus by clicking on the picture below.