Pupil Premium



The Pupil Premium is an element of school funding aimed at diminishing the difference in attainment between certain disadvantaged groups of pupils, ensuring they benefit from the same opportunities as all other children and that they make expected progress.

Overview of the School
Academic Year             2015/16     2016/17          2017/18
Total number of pupils on roll                    81             75                78


Number of pupils benefitting from PPG




               14 (17%)    9 (12%)       9 (12%)

Total amount of PPG received  


               £20,220      £22,120      £18,320



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In 2016-17 we used Pupil Premium funds (£22,120) to continue to provide effective support and enrichment activities for Disadvantaged pupils. These strategies had a positive impact on diminishing the difference in attainment between groups of pupils and in raising attainment.

* Reading Accuracy and Reading comprehension: The difference in Standardised Scores between Disadvantaged pupils and Others diminished by 9 points in Reading Accuracy and by 2 points in Reading Comprehension between July 2016 and July 2017.  The differences in July 2017 were 3 points in Reading Accuracy and 6 points in Reading Comprehension. In Reading Accuracy the Standardised Score averaged 109 and in Reading Comprehension it was 95.  Both scores are within the expected range of 94 - 114.

* In Spelling differences did not diminish as some Disadvantaged children had SEN needs which affected their scores in Spelling. However, 78% of Disadvantaged pupils improved their Standardised score. The average Standardised Score was 88. Diminishing differences in Spelling will be a focus for next year.

* In Maths the average Standardised Score was 94, within the expected range, but differences with Others did not diminish as two Disadvantaged children had SEN needs relating to Maths. However, 89% of Disadvantaged pupils improved their Standardised scores.



Planned interventions to diminish differences between Disadvantaged pupils and Others

* Early identification and assessment of needs.

* Class, small group and individual support to raise attainment in Spelling, Writing, Maths and Reading. Small group interventions will include Read Write Inc. Speed Sounds, Get Writing and One-to-One Phonics tutoring; Rising Stars Spelling; First Class @ Number, Success @ Arithmetic, Number Stars.

* Enrichment activities to raise self-esteem, broaden horizons, motivate; local and national cultural exhibitions, events, performances; activities with other local schools; sport, outdoor and adventurous and residential experiences, careers activities.




Part of Our Community

The school enjoys close links with our local community, including organisations such as local churches, the Rotary Club and local charities. Within our grounds, and managed by the school, is Scremerston Community Building.

This provides a home for Lucky Ducks independent Pre-School for children aged 2½ - 4 years.There is also a Community Room which is used by our Parents and Toddlers group, by adult and family learning courses and for meetings of groups such as the Parish Council.

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